"'Chew' is an attempt at justifying pulling a sicky from work when you get paid minimum wage by wealthy corporate elites. This kinda life can plunge one into existential dread and sometimes puling a sicky is a justifiable attempt at regaining some agency and self respect".
I took this description and the lyrics of the song to create a scene illustrating a furious boss shouting down an unattended phone in a dark room with a doorway, left open, leading to freedom and light. We also chose to incorporate Superego's handwriting into the poster to add a personal touch.

I liked the almost chalkboard style of this poster and that ended up informing the rest of the series for Superego - which shall be released in the following weeks/months.
Initial sketches for the 'Chew' lyric poster. Left to right: The sketch for what ended up being the final design; a bubblegum ad inspired design; and a gumball machine design based on the lyric 'All these people raking in on the world, I'm trying hard to swallow it whole'.
Designed & illustrated by Chris Alderton

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