Final design for Arctic Monkeys' Arena show at The Ageas Bowl, Southampton. Inspired by the lyrics and title from their latest album 'The Car'. There will be a limited number of screen prints available at the arena, which will be my first ever screen printed designs. Looking to do a limited print on my website - follow my instagram for updates.​​​​​​​
The concept for this design was born in February 2023 after I was asked to create something for Arctic Monkeys' Osaka show (middle). Here, the car keys are being handed to the viewer: inviting them into the 'The Car' for an evening. Some timeline issues meant this design wasn't used. Fortunately, I was given another opportunity to re-design this concept for their show in Southampton, taking more inspiration from the psychedelic posters of the 70's, rather than Hajime Soroyama's 'Sexy Robot' of the 80's.
Designed & illustrated by Chris Alderton

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